– Intensive course by Arne Bro & Lotte Mik-Meyer

This course is unfolded in one intensive week. Through short practical film explorations (you might call it visual notations) and the following analysis by the two teachers, trie to encourage each single participant to investigate their own individual, personal pictorial language, as well as the working concepts and methods belonging to this personal language.

The investigations and the analysis is based on artistic concepts and methods of the documentary film tradition of The National Film School of Denmark, developed by its founder and former Head Arne Bro, and on the artistic concepts and methods of The Conceptual Documentary Directors line (Mfa) of The Norwegian Film School, developed by its founder and Head, Lotte Mik-Meyer.

In five intensive days each participant work with her own camera, filming a row of short pictorial investigations, following her own individual, visual storytelling aesthetics and working methods. In the analysis of each student’s artistic work, Arne Bro and Lotte Mik-Meyer uses the concepts and methods from the two nordic film school’s traditions, aimed at artistic collaboration and at personal artistic expression.

The teachings performed with a visual, analytical approach to each participant’s personal pictorial language and methods. Partly in the form of short theoretical introductions, mostly in the form of visual readings and interpretations of each participant’s artistic work, aimed at collaboration with other artists and aimed at the meeting with the advanced, film and tv trained, both conscious and sensitive audiences of our times.

The course investigates possible relations between the participant’s personal artistic expressions and the audience’s equally personal experiences. The intensive course wishes to widen each participant’s observational abilities and their analysis of their own personal pictorial language, as of other artist’s personal pictorial language. We hope to establish a common ground for a vivid working language, able to fathom and grasp a wide diversity of different language forms, expressions and working methods. We hope to widen the fundament for collaboration among artists, aimed at the meeting with other crafts and specialists – aimed at the personal artistic meeting with the public.

The course will introduce different forms of structuring-, composing- and working methods, as we will try to discuss different ways to perceive and understand artistic expressions among audiences, which might be based both in personal and common ways of experiencing different aspects of life.

This is a founding course, offering possible fundaments for artistic investigation and development in artistic environments, like art universities / art schools in which fiction, documentary, animation and computer games as other art forms are part of the daily meetings with other artistic fellows and colleges. In the artistic meeting, personal motives and themes, as personal aesthetics and methods, are very often the point of departure for artistic collaboration, in which the single participant needs to find ways to develop their own artistic expression, as to further develop the artistic collaboration with other artists.

These complex, two sided needs might be supported – in dialogue with teachers and consultants, in working dialogues among artists and staff members – if founded on a common understanding and appreciation of the diversity of personal aesthetics, concepts and methods.